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          Personal Monitor 2014
          • + File Management
          • + File Sharing and Social Networking
          • + Archive and Compression Utilities
          • + File Utilities
          • + System Utilities
          • + Photo and Text Viewer and Editors
          • + Archive and Compression Utilities
          • + File Management
          • + Backup Utility
          • + FTP/SFTP Client
          • + Advanced File Search
          • + Responsive User Interface
          • + Process Activity Monitoring
          • + Keyboard Activity Recording
          • + Site (URL) Blocking
          • + Screen Recording
          • + Event Statistics
          • + Administration Mode
          • + Remote Log Backup
          • + Remote Connectivity
          • + Live Desktop Preview
          • + Snapshot
          • + Remote Site (URL) Blocking
          • + Process Monitoring
          • + Keyboard Activity
          • + Historic events preview
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          Micromart System Navigator Review

          "File management may not be on the top of your list of programs to install, but once you've tried SN2014, you'll soon come to realise just how stifled and limiting the traditional Window Explorer actually is."

          5 Star Review on MICRO MART Reviews.

          TopTenReviews Gold Award 2013

          "System Navigator is quality file compression software. It supports the most compression formats and had the best compression ratio in our tests. This ZIP program lets you share your compressed files directly via email, FTP, SFTP and on social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr."

          #1 in TopTenReviews Product List.

          FindMySoft Review of System Navigator

          "System Navigator is a properly good and powerful file manager that will surprise you with its ease of use and long list of features."

          George Norman, FindMySoft

          Softpedia Editor's Review of System Navigator

          "A powerful and reliable application that was created as an alternative (or even a replacement) for Windows' Explorer in order to easily manage resources."

          Sorin Cirneala, Softpedia

          PCWorld Review of System Navigator

          "Getting used to System Navigator takes a bit of time, and learning your way around this full-featured file manager takes a bit of effort. But if you want to have complete control over your computer and its many files, you'll find that time and effort well spent."

          Liane Cassavoy, PCWorld

          Softpedia Editor's Review for Archiver

          "A simple and very easy to handle application designed to provide you with the ability to compress and decompress archives in just a few moves"

          Marina Dan, Softpedia

          Softmonk review for Archiver

          "Archiver stands forth as a comprehensive and easy to use utility which enables users to compress and decompress archives with a couple of clicks. The software is enhanced with easy to use and comprehensive solutions to serve users well."

          Emircan Erdoğan, Softmonk

          MajorGeeks introduces Vintager

          "A simple and very easy to handle application designed to provide you with the ability to compress and decompress archives in just a few moves."

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